I Walk the Line (it is Drawn) Pt. 2

After the wrestlers we drew Jack Kirby creations. Me. Like. Kirby. If you haven’t let the holy light of Jack Kirby into your heart, you need to switch ideologies. A fan suggested Fin Fang Foom, and that sits perfect with me…bring on the monsters!


You tell em’, Foom!

Again, rushed on the colors, so I might one day revisit them. If I do, I’d definitely spend more time drawing the ruins of the Magic Kingdom. I tried to get a wrecked Monorail in there, but ran out of time.

Yeah, I’d like to spend more time on this, explore other monsters wrecking other fun places. Maybe a series.

Happy Birthday, Jack “King” Kirby. I hope your family sees justice…or at least money.


About unkiedev

Devin T. "Unkiedev" Quin is a cartoonist, writer and musician. His professional art clients include LEGO, Kelloggs, Scholastic and The New York Press. He has self published several comic books, including Robots R' Cool, Zombies R' Jerks and The Living End. He continues to play with his all pirate comedy band, The Scurvy Pirates, as featured on NPR and The Doctor Demento Show.
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