I Walk the Line (it is Drawn) Pt. 2

After the wrestlers we drew Jack Kirby creations. Me. Like. Kirby. If you haven’t let the holy light of Jack Kirby into your heart, you need to switch ideologies. A fan suggested Fin Fang Foom, and that sits perfect with me…bring on the monsters!

You tell em’, Foom!

Again, rushed on the colors, so I might one day revisit them. If I do, I’d definitely spend more time drawing the ruins of the Magic Kingdom. I tried to get a wrecked Monorail in there, but ran out of time.

Yeah, I’d like to spend more time on this, explore other monsters wrecking other fun places. Maybe a series.

Happy Birthday, Jack “King” Kirby. I hope your family sees justice…or at least money.

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