I Walk the Line (it is Drawn) Pt. 1

A few more recent pieces from the comicbookresources.com blog, Comics Should Be Good, and their series “A Line it is Drawn.” Keep in mind, the way the thread works is fans submit ideas based on themes and the artist pick the idea to work on.

Why else would I be drawing WWE’s the Undertaker? I’m not much of a current wrestling fan, but I used to watch classic 80’s wrestling with my cousins like crazy! Fans wanted the Undertaker to battle it out with DC’s Solomon Grundy, as well as Marvel’s Ghost Rider. The results?

Sorry, Undertaker.
Sorry, Undertaker.

I’m proud of the drawing, not so much the coloring. This one did NOT go over great with the crowd. I think they wanted something more “badass” and less mocking. I can understand that. I just think…the Undertaker’s signature move, the Tombstone Piledriver, involves sticking another guy’s head in your lap and then dropping him to the floor. You just wouldn’t DO THAT to Ghost Rider!

Here’s one I drew for myself; George “The Animal” Steel vs Animal “The Animal” Animal.

Don't blame me, I voted for George "the Animal" Steel.
Don’t blame me, I voted for George “the Animal” Steel.

George Steel is an inspiration and a personal hero. He understood the game of entertainment…show the people something NEW, something fun! Keep it spontaneous, keep em’ guessing!

The world needs more George Steels. And Muppets. The world can always use more Muppets.

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