Hangin’ a shingle, doing comics…

I’m doing some comics for comicbookresources.com, specifically the Comics Should Be Good Blog, and to be further distinct, the Line It Is Good thread. It’s mash-ups, as requested by readers of the blog. It’s fun, and I like it. I like me. I like you, too.

Anywho, here’s the first installment. They wanted the Enterprise “picking up” Kal-El’s ship on it’s way from a dying Krypton to Earth. I …sort of drew that.

Take that, Superbaby!

Take that, Superbaby!


About unkiedev

Devin T. "Unkiedev" Quin is a cartoonist, writer and musician. His professional art clients include LEGO, Kelloggs, Scholastic and The New York Press. He has self published several comic books, including Robots R' Cool, Zombies R' Jerks and The Living End. He continues to play with his all pirate comedy band, The Scurvy Pirates, as featured on NPR and The Doctor Demento Show.
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