Is This Thing On..?

Greetings reader. I haven’t updated in quite some time, as life has been intervening like the helicopter parents of a D&D player, circa 1980. Let’s press on with some content, Hmm?!

Remember these guys?
Remember these guys?

Here’s a Creeps comic to remind anyone who might happen upon this site who DOESN’T know me personally that I draw the adventures of strange, round headed freakos called “The Creeps.” Lately, when I have time to draw, I’ve been working on backgrounds for idevices featuring the Creeps in festive, rainbow colors. Here’s one I’m quite proud of; A creep trying to saw off his own hand, rendered in an understated orange:

He'll do it, too! He's Crazy!
He’ll do it, too! He’s Crazy!

Ah. The world needed that, and now it is created. You are welcome.

All of the colors were hand picked. No shadow layers or burning tools, here. THAT would make sense. Really, one of the things I use these pieces for is to work more with color and experiment. As a (predominantly) line-artist, it is important to keep building up those color muscles less they atrophy and fall off.

Questions about my process? My hair? The Universe? Post a comment. Let’s start a dialog. Here’s a good question: “Do I think vagueness has its time and place?” Hmmmm. Maybe?

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