Of Fin-Tails and Lay Overs

Virgin America is a fascinating airline, combining Micro-transactions with cutting edge amenities. The in-air “Hearty Meal” is available to order from your seat back, and consists of a salami log, wedge of cheese, crackers, pretzels and Welches fruit snacks. $8.00 American.
I sit in the San Fransisco Terminal waiting for my connecting flight to San Diego. Time for another blast from the past to make this blog seem flush. I was honored in 2010 to draw the poster and t-shirts for the Coney Island Mermaid Day Parade. The Scurvy Pirates had many WONDERFUL gigs playing the sideshow, and we still think we have family there. I was given few parameters, but wanted the piece to be special.

A diamond in the rough
A diamond in the rough

This is a color mock up of one of several pitched concepts. I always wanted to get the Cyclone in there, though that never happened. I think the final came out splendid.


Somewhere I have a copy of the poster I have to frame, autographed by the Mermaid King and Queen themselves. Yes, that’s right, I have Lou Reed’s autograph on a piece of my art.


    1. They never told me to “pretty it up,” but I was told that my art director’s girlfriend did think “We” meaning “Me,” “COULD” meaning “should” take a “Softer” approach, meaning less ugly.

      1. I see you speak Brandian™. The best projects are always formed from a director asking a friend or relative completely unrelated to the project what they think they should do.

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