Haven’t posted here since 2011, but there is much afoot. We’re hunting Wumpus.

I’m traveling this week to the San Diego Comic Con as a guest columnist for As they intend to post, with my byline, a photo and url, I figure I better update this site with some content for the curious. If you’re stumbling upon my circle of hell for the first time, WELCOME!

About me: I’m a cartoonist and writer, a small time self publisher of funny books, as well as a musician and sometimes “Scurvy Pirate.” It seems the best way to deliver on some goods while illuminating my past would be to jump right in with some substance.

Because Creeps and Cats go together like Ticks and Bellybuttons.

Because Creeps and Cats go together like Ticks and Bellybuttons.

This is my most recent comic strip. That’s me getting decked by a Kangaroo, so you can contextualize a face. This comic is my attempt to make one of my long standing, strange projects, The Creeps, more media friendly. Another failure.


About unkiedev

Devin T. "Unkiedev" Quin is a cartoonist, writer and musician. His professional art clients include LEGO, Kelloggs, Scholastic and The New York Press. He has self published several comic books, including Robots R' Cool, Zombies R' Jerks and The Living End. He continues to play with his all pirate comedy band, The Scurvy Pirates, as featured on NPR and The Doctor Demento Show.
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