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A Good Day

Next time I think something is amazing, I’m gonna’ say it’s “Bat Symbol Chest Hair” amazing. Advertisements

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The Symbiosis Between Cartoons and Balloons Just like every comic book writer is only doing their best to break into feature films, every cartoonist is really only drawing to break into the spectacular world of Giant Inflatable Balloons! Nothing says … Continue reading

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Here is a Creeps comic I drew in the past year. Enjoy!

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For the Birds

I’ve been writing for various comic shop news letters off and on for almost seven years. I’ve written a few columns which have gone semi-viral…though the following isn’t one of them. This was originally published online on one of the … Continue reading

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Of Fin-Tails and Lay Overs

Virgin America is a fascinating airline, combining Micro-transactions with cutting edge amenities. The in-air “Hearty Meal” is available to order from your seat back, and consists of a salami log, wedge of cheese, crackers, pretzels and Welches fruit snacks. $8.00 … Continue reading

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Haven’t posted here since 2011, but there is much afoot. We’re hunting Wumpus. I’m traveling this week to the San Diego Comic Con as a guest columnist for As they intend to post, with my byline, a photo and … Continue reading

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