New Creeps

The Creeps is a comic strip I started in college. It’s about these…creatures.

Let’s be clear: Creeps aren’t human. Some theorize they are a personification of our anxieties, a walking manifestation of our social awkwardness and fear of public speaking. Some think they’re a naturally occurring phenomenon, a zit on Mother Earth’s beautiful face brought about by the grease of human existence.

The point is they’re bizarre and unsettling. I think I’m talking them up a bit much, as this is what your typical Creeps comic looks like:

The good news is: If you like this sort of thing there’s MORE! The bad news? Well, if you don’t like this, see the good news.


About unkiedev

Devin T. "Unkiedev" Quin is a cartoonist, writer and musician. His professional art clients include LEGO, Kelloggs, Scholastic and The New York Press. He has self published several comic books, including Robots R' Cool, Zombies R' Jerks and The Living End. He continues to play with his all pirate comedy band, The Scurvy Pirates, as featured on NPR and The Doctor Demento Show.
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